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    Vision View Productions is a television production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, that was founded in 2005 and is spearheaded by a dynamic duo who met at Film School. They observed a lucrative gap within the television industry that many young film and television makers had not yet tapped into in South Africa; sports. The possibilities that sport had to offer had not been fully explored by production companies in South Africa and Vision View Productions was ready to pioneer this process. Although we have solidified our position in the sports market, however, the company is not restricted to sports as we have embarked on a variety of projects; corporate videos, music videos, lifestyle shows, magazine shows, event planning & execution, graphic design, printing of books/ modules, posters and music production, to name but a few.

    The company commenced their broadcasting endeavours in 2005 with a staff of just two people, Eddie and Mafadi. Starting off their broadcast feat was the soccer diary show, “The Cosmos Show” for Jomo Cosmos Football Club. This show became a major hit in the soccer fraternity and catapulted the multitude of PSL team shows that now grace the SuperSport television channels.

    When one works with Vision View Productions, it is clear that the company has no limits as we are all about breaking boundaries and rules within television norms. Eddie and Mafadi are not only the founders of the company but are an inspiration to those who join the team with their go-getter attitude. The sky is not the limit but merely another playing ground.

  • Our awesome offices

    Our Awesome Offices

    Vision View Productions is about constant innovation, redefinition and fluidity within the television landscape.  We feel that boundaries do not exist at Vision View, which is why; anything related to the television industry will spark the ember of creativity that glows within the production team. Each project we embark on, the team is innovative and aims to do what hasn’t been done before. Each project is unique and treated with the same courtesy.  The company is 100% black owned, managed by Africans and is propelled by the notion of African excellence with the vision to up skill young (wo)men, while providing a premium product for broadcast.  

    The company has grown over the years and has added and marketing, branding and events arm to the organization. This evolved organically out of the need of various clients to find a “One Stop Shop Solution”. We are extremely multifaceted with our approach as well as touting a diverse group of employees whose creativity is overflowing with youth and exuberance. As a result, the dynamic staff compliment ensures there’s always a fresh idea and a new way to approach any production that we’re embarking upon.  

    We have an array of state of the art HD camera equipment and editing facilities to ensure that we’re capable of meeting the needs of clients that seek our solutions. We also have creative and highly skilled staff members who are able to take the creative process from its inception to fruition whether the project is live or non-live.

    With each project we embark on, the team is innovative and aims to do what hasn’t been done before, to achieve what people never thought was possible. Each project is unique and treated with the same courtesy. Teamwork is the ethos at Vision View and everyone will always come together to ensure that a premium product is delivered to all our clients.

  • We are based in Johannesburg; South Africa and our clients are not restricted to the broadcasting fraternity or our borders. We have assisted many corporate companies get their desired audio visual messages across, in the most effective and creative manner. Some of our clients past and present include:




Vision View Production has a number of highly skilled Producers who are able to originate content and see it through the entire process. Combined they have more than 20 years in the industry and delivering a premium yet edgy product is something they’re constantly striving towards.


The Editors at Vision View Productions are highly skilled and trained at top universities around the country. They have had significant experience not only in sports broadcasting, but music videos, variety shows and various other televised shows. 

Edit Suites

Vision View Productions is equipped with 6 Full HD Edit suites. With supplementary graphics software such as Photoshop, After Effects etc.

Final Mix Suites

The Final Mix suite at Vision View Production has the capability to record voice artists and musicians. It has complete functionality for mixing both voice and television productions with a variety of sound effects to enhance any product that is being mixed.

Graphics Creation

Vision View Productions has a variety of graphics creation programmes and a team of highly creative and talented individuals spearheading this department. Their works vary from lifestyle elements to sports specific graphics from opening bumpers, to name straps and all the graphics required for packaged or live shows.

Outside Broadcast

Outside Broadcast Vans/ Trailers

Vision View Productions has 4 Outside Broadcast facilities, which comprise of Trucks, Vans and Trailers. Each facility has state-of-the-art HD equipment, which can facilitate more than 7 cameras as well as playback and recording facilities. The facilities have a fully integrated communication system for all the members of the crew. All facilities come with a core crew of Engineers and Audio personnel, as well as generators to ensure the effective running of the production.

10 Hitachi SK-HD1200 HD cameras: 1 Hitachi SK-HD1500 HD SuperSlow 20160908_180642Camera and 2 Camera Corps Q-balls, maximum of 14 cameras.
Ross Carbonite – 36 Crosspoint, 3ME Vision Mixing Desk.
3 Vision Control positions for Cameras.
2 x EVS XT3 (6 channel) Video Server.
Newtek 3Play (10 Channel) Video Server.
Imagine communications (80 x 70) HD Video Router
RTS Telex Adam Communication System.
STUDER VISTA 1 Digital Audio Mixing desk – 32 x 32 analogue Channels, 8 x 8 AES channels and 5 x 5 MADI channels.
DIRECT OUT M.1k2 8 x 8 Madi Router.

(OB4 was designed by Vision View and constructed by Gear House UK in partnership with Ross and Hitachi in 2015. It was delivered in April, 2016)

IMG_0792Minimum of 8 Hitachi HD cams, maximum 12
1 SuperSlo Camera
Ross Carbonite (24 channel) Mixing Desk
Vision Control for Cameras
EVS (6 channel)
3Play (10 Channel) machine
Harris Router
ClearCom Communication System
32 Channel Audio Mixing Desk
(Constructed by Gear House UK)

8 Hitachi SK-HD1200 HD cameras.
Ross Carbonite – 24 Crosspoint, 1ME Vision Mixing Desk
2 Vision Control positions for Cameras
Newtek 3Play (10 Channel) Video Server, maximum  2 x 3play Video Servers
Ross Ultrix (64 x 64) HD Video Router
RTS Telex Zeus Communication System
Soundcraft Performer 3 Digital Audio Mixing desk – 32 x 32 analogue channel inputs and 16 outputs, 2 MADI channels

(OB2 was rebuilt by VVP Engineers in June, 2016)


Minimum of 6 Sony HD cams, maximum 8
TriCaster Mixing Desk
3Play (10 Channel) replay machine
Integrated Communication System
32 Channel Audio Mixing Desk


Since September 2013 and November 2016 Vision View Productions has broadcast over 500 productions LIVE. 



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